Request for Proposals

Tangipahoa Water District

Board of Commissioners

Request for Proposals for Fiscal Agent

The Tangipahoa Water District (District) is requesting proposals for financial institutions to provide financial services to the District as its Fiscal Agent (Bank). Proposals will be accepted through 3:30 p.m. on June 3, 2024, at the office of the Tangipahoa Water District, 46463 N. Morrison Blvd, Hammond, LA 70401. Proposals may be mailed to Charles Schlicher, Executive Director, Tangipahoa Water District, P.O. Box 699, Natalbany, LA 70451, but must be received by the above time at the above place. All proposals must be marked “Proposal for Fiscal Agent” on the outside of the envelope. The term of this contract will be for three (3) years from the initial date of the contract, which shall be July 1, 2024.

Conditions and requirements shall include:

  1. All proposals must be made in strict compliance with applicable laws of the State of Louisiana, including Revised Statues 39:1211 through 39:1235.
  2. The Bank must maintain an operating branch within Tangipahoa Parish where deposits are accepted and checks from the District may be cashed within the scope of normal banking procedures.
  3. The Bank shall provide deposit bags, checks, and daily deposit books at no charge to the District.
  4. The Bank shall not assess the District any monthly activity charges or charges of any kind for money orders, certified checks, cashier’s checks, wire transfers, safekeeping services, stop payments, bank drafts, account confirmation requests, or overdraft charges. If the Bank is required to charge the District for certain services as allowed in R.S. 39:1220.1, please provide a detailed fee schedule with the proposal.
  5. Monthly statements for each account shall be provided to the District by the fifth business day following the last day of the calendar month. Each statement shall include all canceled checks or facsimiles thereof, sorted numerically, and a listing of all deposits on the accounts. Statements must also be provided electronically via online.
  6. The Bank shall provide credit cards to the designated District employees. The credit card shall not be assessed annual service fees.
  7. The Bank shall provide fraud prevention services to include ACH Block, Check Positive Pay, and ACH Positive Pay.
  8. The Bank shall provide a full range of secure internet banking services that include information reporting, funds transfer, stop payments, check image retrieval, and positive pay exception review.
  9. The Bank shall provide origination direct deposit of ACH for payroll, vendor payments, and electronic tax payments to be used by the District.
  10. Deposits of all funds of the District shall be received at par and will be subject to a minimum next-day availability for deposits and immediate availability for wire transfers.
  11. The Bank shall furnish appropriate collateralization for all funds deposited in the District’s accounts in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statutes 39:1218 through 39:1224.
  12. The Bank must have the capability to allow for future implementation of Remote Deposit Capture by the District.
  13. The Bank must attach the most recent sworn Statement of Condition of the Bank. At no time shall the deposits of the District exceed the capital stock, declared surplus, and undivided profits of the Bank.